That Time of Year Again

Hello dearies! Hope you all have been well and enjoying the warming weather. I don’t know where all of you are visiting from but in Wisconsin, it is finally warming up. It rained a good amount last week and helped melt most of the snow that has been to stubborn to leave. Bye bye snow! So glad I don’t have to look at you anymore.

Anyways, now with the weather warming up, those fitness people who prefer to run outdoors but had to settle for a treadmill during those nasty winter months will begin to emerge.

That’s me. I’m one of those people.

Unfortunately, there are times I wear both of my AirPods so I do not hear an approaching vehicle very well. I have to try harder to remember only one but also please remember to slow down and watch for runners if you have to share the road with them. Especially on hills. I do my best to try and switch sides when going up a hill just in case there is a driver flying over those hills but it’s not fun when you have to lunge into the ditch to avoid getting picked off.

But for the runners as well, take note that we have to share the road as well. So if you are running with a buddy and a car is coming, drop back to front-back and not stay side-by-side. It reduces the risk of getting hit and helps make room in case there are two cars meeting near or at the spot you are currently at. Also, refelctive clothing. Please, please, please wear it! If you plan to run early morning or later at night, wear it. Or running during the day, wear colors that pop out against your surroundings.

Okay, safety rant over. I promise.

I have a ton of fun stuff planned for the summer months. Fitness goal wise. There are a bunch of trails and hikes that are planned with my daughter and the boyfriend, who is named Vic. And then there’s a few where it is just Vic and I. Then a handful where it is just me. Not too many of those because I would rather hike, bike, kayak, and explore with someone since it is more fun that way. A good way to solve that would be to get a dog so guess I should start dropping hints.

Anyways, I found an old blog post from one of the other blogs and it served as a good refresher for me. Also reminded me to register for some fun events such as the Bubble Run and Color Run. Tough Mudder…. not quite there yet but someday!

From the Gym to Mother Nature

Until next time my dearies!

XOXO, Kelly

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