Green Thumb Update

Hello my dearies!

First off, I’d like to say I hope you all are in good health and that you have found creative ways to pass the time during the quarantine. 

I have been very busy lately. We laid the outline of the garden. Whooo! My boyfriend and I spent Saturday measuring and cutting old wood pallets to create the siding for the raised garden. Unfortunately, before we could do any more with it, we received some snow. Imagine that. Thank you Wisconsin weather but should have known since we always have a fools spring then a bit more snow before real spring arrives. But we successfully nailed everything together in the horseshoe shape that we wanted it a few days later. Long process but it will be totally worth it.

Our plants have been doing great. The only ones that have not sprouted yet are the sweet peppers. Otherwise, our garden beans have really taken off in their pots, the bunching onions, broccoli, and our two types of tomatoes are doing well. There is also one lone strawberry seed that has sprouted and hopefully, the others are not far behind. So the next big step is to fill up the garden with dirt and soil once we have it lined. Then we have to make sure Wisconsin isn’t going to throw snow at us anymore before transferring the plants outside. 

Oh, I also included a photo of our huge aloe plant.

Hope you all are staying sane and healthy! Until next time dearies!

XOXO, Kelly

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