My Try It List

Hello dearies!

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself I would try new things this year. Because, let’s be honest, everyone kinda falls into a rut or daily pattern that they don’t realize until a friend of theirs goes on an amazing adventure/vacation, or they read about other peoples experiences in traveling and experiencing different cultures.

I do have a list made of things I would like to do but I narrowed it down to top six because in reality, I would not be able to get through the whole list in one year, especially with the pandemic happening and the government ordering everyone to self-quarantine. So, the list isn’t too exciting but enough to change my routine here and there.

  1. Try different cuisine
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. Take a class (yoga, cooking, painting)
  4. Visit a national forest
  5. Ride a motorcycle
  6. Go camping or wine tasting

So a few of them require travel so hopefully the quarantine will be lifted before summer begins.

However, I did do something exciting and at the time, a bit frightening. But to be fair, Vic did tell me on our second date that he will change the fact that I never shot a gun. So I should have expected it but I do have a tendency to forget things 😅. The gun I shot was a pistol and while the sound didn’t intimidate me, the recoil did. It will take some getting used to and once Vic noticed the recoil had me hesitating, he put a .22 rifle in my hands. Best thing ever. So, I did one new thing and it wasn’t on my list but glad I experienced it. Definetly going to get my hunting liscense now.

The next thing I would like to try is a different type of cuisine. Thai food sounds interesting or Venezuelan cuisine. But realistically, it will most likely be picking up a new skill. Maybe I’ll ask Vic to teach me archery 🤔…it’s a thought.

Until next time dearies! Stay healthy and sane!

XOXO, Kelly

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